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Funny Ball Pen by Penroll
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Ball pen by Penroll
Ball pen by Penroll
Ball pen by Penroll

Ball pen by Penroll

The funny and original pen collection!



PENROLL is well known for offering really funny and original pens (especially ball pen, marker and highlighter) particularly designed for advertising and promotion.

When there is a need to promote products for the pharmaceutical, mechanical or food industry, it is often very useful if you can distribute pen or highlighter which have the appropriate form.

Penroll offers indeed very funny and original tool pen like nail and bolt pen, in form of vegetable (carrot, corn (mais), cucumber, pepper pen, pea pen), or fruit (banana pen and chili pen), and syringe, thermometer, pill, phial, toothpaste tube pen or even real goose feather pen! There is even the possibility to create ball pen in completely new custom made forms, as tooling costs are quite affordable.

Additionally we have some very small and the still perfectly usable LARGEST and BIGGEST ball pen which will surprise everybody.

Finally Penroll offers also more traditional ball pen and highlighter with the possibility to get them personalized with plain text or company logos.

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